Our Institution


The Toaldo Violin School is a multilingual music school based in Tokyo, Japan. Created by violinists Gabriel and Hirona Toaldo, it specialises in shaping aspiring violinists of all ages by providing them with the artistic and technical tools to develop their musical and instrumental understanding. The institution offers violin lessons in a wide variety of languages, including Japanese, English, French and Spanish.

Our Philosophy


Our Institution aims to follow and honour the grand traditions of violin playing. We offer a teaching of the highest standards in the hopes of shaping young violinists and aspiring professionals, to allow them to develop their artistic personalities, their musical understanding, and to nurture their passion for Art and Music.

Our Objectives


We aim to provide our students with all the necessary technical and artistic tools that constitute the foundations of an artist, musician, and violinist of high standard. Through our multilingual programs, we offer a wider understanding of the multiple cultural facets of our Art, as well as providing essential linguistic knowledge necessary in our ever-growing society.

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