Gabriel Toaldo


Coming from an Italian and Venezuelan family, Gabriel Toaldo started his musical education at a young age under the tutelage of artists of international renown, such as J. Quintero and W. Naranjo. After joining musical institutions like the Union of the Arts Academy, the Doral Conservatory School of the Arts, and the Alex Berti School of Music, he continued his professional education at the Florida International University, in United States, joining the classes of Prof. M. Littley and C. Riazuelo.

Mr. Toaldo later became a member of the reputable Kayaleh Violin Academy, in Geneva, Switzerland, in order to further develop his Art, where he studied under the hand of its founder and esteemed pedagogue and violinist, Prof. H. Kayaleh. Mr Toaldo graduated in 2018, receiving a Diploma in Performance, with specialised training in Pedagogy.

Having ample experience in performance and education, Mr. Toaldo has worked with several institutions, both in North America and Switzerland, such as the Avila School of Music, the Miami Youth Symphony Project, the Doral Conservatory School of the Arts, and the Kayaleh Music Center. He has also performed with the Miami Symphony Orchestra, under esteemed Conductor Eduardo Marturet. As a member of the Kayaleh Chamber Orchestra, Mr. Toaldo has performed in numerous swiss cities accompanying several prestigious artists of international reputation, such as Laurence Kayaleh, Jutta Pucchammer, Viktor Pikaysen, Suzanne Husson, Mikhail Voskressensky, Angel Stankov and Robert Szymanski,

Hirona Toaldo


Born in Japan, Hirona Toaldo started her musical training at a very early age. She joined the Faculty of Music in Aichi Prefectural University of Arts where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music after having studied under Prof. R. Shiraishi and Prof. D. Nolan. Later, she joined the violin classes of the prestigious Kayaleh Violin Academy, joining the Violin Stage Performance Course directed by Prof. H. Kayaleh, graduating in 2017 with a Performer Diploma (Doctorate's Degree).

Twice Finalist at The Osaka International Music Competition, Mrs. Toaldo appeared in public performances in major centers: in Switzerland, recitals at the Château de Bossey, Geneva and the Maison Bodzérane, Bougy Villars. Hirona Hosono performed as soloist at the Concert Hall of the Geneva Music Conservatory, in the gala concert inaugurating Geneva’s Japanese Cultural Month.

Concerts with Kayaleh Chamber Orchestra took her to the Beau Rivage Palace Ouchy, Switzerland, to the Deutsch Bank Main Hall, Luxemburg, to the Sala Maffeina, Verona, Italy. Where she participated in concerts featuring artists of international renown such as Viktor Pikaysen, Irina Bochkova, Laurence Kayaleh, Angel Stankov, Ivan Strauss, Suzanne Husson and Mikhail Voskressensky.